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Joyful Lotus Yoga July 2015

By Tsveti Apostolov, Oct 11 2015 08:46PM

Aerial Yoga or Yoga Swings combines supported traditionla mat practice with innovative variations done while floating in the air. The practice can be done in a dynamically designed, adjustable, padded hammock with two side straps offering three handles attached at various levels, so students can safely and comfortably maneuver into and out of poses. The aerial yoga set-up allows for a larger variety of exercises and alternative stretches while also encouraging creative exploration.

Students take theire practice to a new level.

Perfect for all ages and levels, yoga swings is good for the beginner as well as advanced yoga student.

With a range of poses and progressions that allow each student to work at the level they are comfortable with, this practice is guaranteed to give everyone the powerful benefits of inversion for enhanced health and well-being.

And it's FUN!

Classes are currently running at the Yoga-Life Studio in Eastbourne every Monday at 12pm to 12.45pm.

Please find some more info at

Facebook Page - Joyful Lotus Yoga

Facebook Group - Joyful Lotus Yoga Brighton

Facebook Account - Tsveti Apostolov

Twitter - Tsvetanka8

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