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Traditional Hatha & Aerial Yoga


Tsveti is the best yoga teacher I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her classes (in particular, her aerial yoga classes) are so inspiring and accessible to everyone. I always leave class feeling graceful, powerful, and mindful of my own body. Tsveti has mastered the delicate balance of inspiring students to challenge their body without pushing it past its limits, and to accept and respect their own limits. I feel this is the most important part of any yoga class, and I can always rely on Tsveti's class to make me feel relaxed and empowered. - Chloe Murphy

13 November 2018

Tsveti was a fantastic teacher and really made our group outing an amazing success! We are all looking forward to coming back and doing more aerial yoga with her soon! If you have ever considered giving it a shot, I highly recommend learning from Tsveti! She put us all at ease and made the experience a real joy!

Sarah Jane Hood

16 March 2018

It was both my first time in Brighton and having a go at acro yoga. I loved both, I have dreamed of having a go for a few years now. While looking for things to do in Brighton I came across the beginners class. I was so glad I did. It needed more body strength and balance than I thought but it was amazing being able to play and fly. it was like being in a kid again. I wish I could go to one near me as my abs would look great doing that weekly as they are rather sore now. Lovely lady, I felt safe and laughter was all part of the experience. It would really compliment a traditional mat practice such as hatha. Thoroughly recommend!  

Josie Shillabeer

30 August 2018

Tsveti is a wonderful teacher with such a graceful manner, it was a pleasure to receive taster yoga and meditation sessions from her during our wellbeing week at work. Highly recommended and I would love to visit one of your classes.

Nickola Weaver

23 Octomber 2017


We had an amazing team build with Joyful yoga. The flying yoga class was especially designed for our entry level of abilities and so well led by Tsetsi. She is a top teacher and wonderful person, did not stop smilling and encouraging. My team loved every minute- really felt coming out if our confort zone would highly recommend to anyone who is want to try something unusual and memorable.

Ana Bonnet

21 December 2017

Tsveti is a beautiful Soul and inspiring Yoga teacher! She did few workshops in our Yoga Art studio Shanti in Bulgaria and all people were very happy to be there with her. She has big understanding and practice of Ashtanga Yoga and Vipasana Mediation and I am looking forward to meet with her again soon! <3              

Elitsa Yorgova

15 November 2017

Tsveti is just the warmest and most welcoming teacher I've come across! I was SO nervous about the first aerial class, but determined to try inversions.

Tsveti was calm, patient and really kind and attentive throughout. We truly felt that we were in safe hands!

We giggled like excited children; we played; we focussed; we breathed and felt SO relaxed at the end of the class in savasana! Wonderful! Everyone should try it!

Christine Chessman

30 January 2019

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Aerial yoga is such an incredibly unique way to freshen up your yoga experience, combining deep yet gentle stretches with a lot of fun! The nature of the practice allows you to perform powerful stretches while some or all of your body weight is supported in the harness. Tsveti is a fantastic teacher and always brings amazing energy to her classes. And if that isn't convincing enough: you literally get the chance to fly!


20 September 2019

Joyful Lotus Yoga offers traditional Hatha Yoga classes, Aerial Yoga classes and workshops, private and corporate classes, meditation, hen do aerial classes, Yoga retreats, online tuitions

Next Aerial Yoga workshop is at the Yoga Life Studio,

Eastbourne on 9th of February from 13:00 to 14:00.

Space is limited to 12 people, £10.



14:00 TO 14:55 AERIAL YOGA